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Ahmed Darwish
Our chalet had a lot of issues. Including ants in the living room everywhere, broken and missing kitchen equipment and broken dishwasher. We complained to the receptionist on the first day and she was completely nonchalant about it as if we told her the sun rises everyday. We stayed there for 3 days, also rented two bicycle from them for a day which we didn’t get to use because it rained and stormed (bad luck). Next day we’re supposed to return the bikes at 10am, we ask if we can keep the bicycles for just 2 more hours and the most rude and downright smug manager said no and that we had to pay for a whole day. His excuse was that they “need the bikes” in case someone wants to rent them which is completely ridiculous. It was a Monday, everyone checked out, the parking lot of the resort is literally empty and the bike garage literally has no less than 40 bicycles. This man should not work in service, at best he should work as an undertaker where he only gets to deal with dead people that don’t have to look him back in his smug face. Thank you, won’t be coming back there again.
Ben Klaucke
Great place to stay. Since the newest addition just opened yet there are still some minor issues. The park restaurant just opened. Just getting up to speed. Looks promising though. Great environment and good service. Chromecast in the new homes is a great addition!
Dimitri Groenewegen
Great place to get away for some days; quiet nice 2 floor holiday homes. Bedrooms are small but sufficient. Nearby you can find several small villages, tulip fields and the sea is nearby.
BD Bosch
Nice from the outside, cramped inside. Layout is disaster. Can not sit at dining table, while preparing anything. After-hours there is nothing to do in resort. Only a playground for small kids. No cafe, no pub... Nothing. The beach is not within walking distance with kids. Only local pub cafe 300m away... But not a place for older children. And the cutlary was not clean.. May be it is advisable for bikers that prefer rest.
Ano nym
It's way to warm inside the buildings (we had always 25°! inside, outside it was max. 20°), there is no air conditioning. The dish washer didn't work properly and there are not enough parking spaces. The sleeping chambers are very small. Wifi is too expensive. To vent the bathroom properly you have to open the front door, because the window of the bathroom can't be opened and there is just a small ventilator in the ceiling.
Hotel Absoluut

Duinresort Dunimar

Dunes, sea, beaches and flower fields

Duinresort Dunimar with its Mediterranean appearance is located in the middle of the Bollenstreek. Lying directly on the dunes and with the beach at 4.5 kilometers. The semi-detached bungalows are surrounded by flower fields and the largest flower bulb attraction in the world is located five minutes away: Keukenhof.

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